April news about Environment Climate and Health

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Good news

Robyn Lucas has been invited to be an Associate Editor on the journal, Frontiers in Neurology.

Papers accepted/published:

  1. Cuellar-Partida G, Williams KM, Yazar S, Guggenheim JA, Hewitt AW, Williams C, Wang JJ, Kho PF, CREAM consortium, Young TL, Tideman W, Jonas JB, Mitchell P, Wojciechowski R, Stambolian D, Hysi P, Hammond CJ, Mackey DA, Lucas RM, MacGregor S. No evidence of a causal effect of vitamin D on myopic refractive error: a Mendelian randomization study. Int J Epidemiol (accepted 10 Apr 2017)


  1. Black LJ, Sherriff JL, Lucas RM, Bjorn LO, Bornman J. Could plant-based sources of vitamin D improve dietary intake for human health? Nutrients (accepted 7 Feb 2017)


  1. Jones AP, Trend S, Byrne SN, Fabis-Pedrini MJ, Geldenhuys S, Nolan D, Booth DR, Carroll WM, Lucas RM, Kermode AG, Hart PH. Altered regulatory T cell fractions and Helios expression in clinically isolated syndrome: clues to the development of multiple sclerosis. Clinical and Translational Immunology (accepted 20 Apr 2017)


  1. Wardell R, Clements ACA, Lal A, Summers D, Llewellyn S, Campbell SJ, McCarthy J, Gray DJ, Nery SV. An environmental assessment and risk map of Ascaris lumbricoides and Necator americanus distributions in Manufahi District, Timor-Leste. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. (Accepted 24th April 2017).



Aparna Lal presented her work at the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. She was supported by an AAG Enrichment Award and an ANU Vice- Chancellor’s Early Career Travel Grant.

Ongoing research


Robyn Lucas provided input to the consultation on the government report on Climate Change Policies.

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