April news about Epidemiology for Policy and Practice

Tuesday 9 May 2017
  • Welcome to new and returning members of the EPP group:
    • Dr Ellie Paige - Ellie, formerly a PhD student at NCEPH, has started in a post-doctoral position with the EPP group after working at the University of Cambridge, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit for the past few years.
    • Dr Jason Agostino – Jason, lecturer with ANU Academic Unit of General Practice, has been working with the EPP group since last year, advising on implementation in primary care. He has now taken up a part-time position with the EPP group, leading development of Absolute CVD Risk workshops.
    • Ms Ruth Gilbert – Ruth has joined the Indigenous Health team as Communications Officer on the Mayi Kuwayu Longitudinal Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing.
  • Various EPP members presented talks at the recent 15th World Congress on Public Health held in Melbourne 3-7 April:
    • Emily Banks – Towards a comprehensive approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tobacco control (CATS)
    • Rosemary Korda - The ACT Asbestos Health Study
    • Bianca Calabria - Premature cardiovascular disease risk and shortfalls in treatment among Indigenous Australians
    • Ellie Paige - A new cardiovascular disease risk model using historical repeated predicators in electronic health records
  • Emily Banks attended the March for Science in Canberra on Sunday and gave a talk on the importance of evidence. Marches were held in over 600 locations throughout the world.
  • Kamalini Lokuge has returned from Papua New Guinea where she worked with the FemiliPNG team on services for child survivors of sexual abuse. The recent trip has demonstrated the importance of working with implementers to report findings, in order to maximise the collective impact of many NGO groups working within a difficult field.
  • Katie Thurber has had some media and policy attention about her work on obesity and nutrition among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.
  • Ray Lovett, Jan Chapman, Jill Guthrie and Rochelle Jones conducted focus groups as part of Mayi Kuwayu Study development in sites including Cowra, Ulladulla, Bunbury, and Perth
  • Katie Thurber and Nasser Bagheri gave a lecture on ‘Ethics in research’ for the MPH Course, Research Design and Methods
  • Ray Lovett was invited to join the LSIC Steering Committee, and attended a Steering Committee meeting on 11 April
  • Ray Lovett gave a seminar at the Western Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs in conjunction with Curtin University on Indigenous Data Sovereignty on April 27
  • Alice Richardson is reviewing an ARC Discovery Grant Application
  •  Ray Lovett completed the half marathon in the Canberra Running Festival


  • Publications:
    • Wright A, Lovett R et al. Geospatial analysis of smoking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait people: Why analysing national data at smaller geographical scales matters for communities, policy and practice. Australian Health Review (accepted for publication)
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    • Larkins N, Teixeira-Pintoa A, Banks E,  Gunasekera H, Cass A, Kearns J, Craig J, SEARCH Investigators. (2017) Blood pressure among Australian Aboriginal children. J Hypertension (accepted 14 April 2017)
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  • Hodgkinson V, Egger S, Betsou F, Pawlita M, Waterboer T, Michel A, Baker M, Banks E, Sitas F. (2017) Pre-analytical stability of antibodies to pathogenic antigens. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarker Prev (accepted 19 April 2017)

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