Amy Parry

BA (USyd), GradDipPH (UQ), MPhil App Epi (ANU)
Research Fellow


Amy Parry is an international public health field epidemiologist with experience in both acute and protracted humanitarian response settings.  She is a graduate of the Australian field epidemiology training programme (MAE,) and has worked in Cambodia on supporting the government to implement and integrate their modified field epidemiology training.

The PhD Amy is undertaking will look at strengthening the local and international health security workforce during emergencies in low resource settings. It is hoped that through enabling knowledge transfer between local and international responders during an emergency, the response will be locally relevant whilst leaving a legacy of an upskilled epidemiology workforce post response. 

Her research topic is Workforce strengthening during emergencies in low resource settings  


Research interests

  • Epidemiology
  • Workforce strengthening
  • Infectious disease surveillance
  • Emergency response
  • Health information systems


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