Dr Marcus Sellars

PhD, PGDipPsych, BBSc
Research Fellow


Dr Marcus Sellars is a Research Fellow (Qualitative Researcher) working on the MRFF funded TORCH project within the Department of Health Services Research and Policy (DHSRP). He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney (Faculty of Medicine) in 2019. The overarching aim of his thesis was to improve advance care planning (ACP) for people with chronic kidney disease and involved both qualitative (semi-structured interviews, thematic synthesis of qualitative studies) and economic evaluation (cost-effectiveness analysis) methods. Marcus has training in psychology and expertise in qualitative research methods.

Prior to joining ANU, Marcus was a researcher at QUT where he led a qualitative study of Victorian doctors involved in Voluntary Assisted Dying since it became legal in Victoria in 2019. In previous years, he was Research Manager at Advance Care Planning Australia at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne (funded primarily by the Federal government). The broader aims of the program were to improve the delivery of ACP for all Australians and his role was to conduct research and evaluations of ACP programs in a variety of settings (acute, aged care, community) and using a variety of approaches (surveys, qualitative, systematic reviews, health economics, medical audits) and perspectives (health, law, ethics).

The TORCH project will provide policy makers with robust evidence on the appropriateness of existing tools and development of new tools to measure and value health in children. Marcus’ role is to lead the collection and analysis of qualitative data in this program of work and collaborate on other aspects of the program of research. He will work as part of an interdisciplinary and international team of academics and policy makers on the MRFF grant and undertake research to understand appropriateness of existing and develop new tools and methods to measure and value health in children, as well as key stakeholder’s views and framing of the solutions.


Research interests

  • Person-centred care
  • Advance care planning
  • Shared decision-making
  • Care at the end of life
  • Chronic disease
  • Social research methods


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