Stakeholder engagement primer: 1a. Why a primer? 1b. Defining stakeholders »

15 Oct 2021
Stakeholder engagement primer

Do researchers who want to engage with stakeholders need a basic set of skills? Can we define a skillset that will work for many problems and in a variety of contexts?

Five insights on achieving research impact »

3 Jun 2021
1. Niki Ellis. 2. Anne-Maree Dodd. 3. Tamika Heiden. 4. Gabriele Bammer.

What does it take for research to be impactful? This blog presents five key insights based on experience in achieving research impact in Australia.

Strengths-based approaches to achieve social justice »

12 Jan 2021
Dr Katie Thurber

Achieving social justice by overcoming social inequality is a burning complex problem. In research which aims to contribute to achieving social justice, what does it mean to move from a deficit discourse to a strengths-based approach?

Researcher activism: A voice of experience »

7 Jul 2020
Dorothy Broom

Six tips that may provide guidance to those embarking on a researcher-activist role. The lessons are relevant in population health, environmental research and beyond.

Choosing a suitable transdisciplinary research framework »

27 May 2020
Profile picture of Gabriele Bammer

There is no right or wrong when choosing a research framework, however some are more helpful than others for a particular problem or context. This blog entry describes nine different approaches to transdisciplinary research. 

Finding expertise in research integration and implementation to tackle complex problems »

19 May 2020
Students working together at a computer

Finding research integration expertise AND implementation expertise can be a tricky task. This blog post discusses this challenge and resources to help you.

Providing a richer assessment of research influence and impact »

14 Apr 2020
group of students working together

How can we affirm, value and capitalise on the unique strengths that each individual brings to research? Diversity in rersearcher influence and impact is essential for effective interdisciplinary and transdiciplinary research but this is not captured in standard metrics.

How can expertise in research integration and implementation help tackle complex problems? »

10 Mar 2020
Students discussing research

Expertise in research integration and implementation is required to delimit & define complex problems, manage critical unresolvable unknowns, manage real-world constraints and deal with lack of definitive solutions. Specific examples of “know-that” and “know-how” are provided.

Stakeholder engagement in research: The research-modified IAP2 spectrum »

7 Jan 2020
Gabriele Bammer

Despite increasing inclusion of stakeholders in research, there seems to be little guidance on how to do this effectively. Gabriele Bammer puts forward a research-modified framework to explore the options available.

Good practice in community-based participatory processes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research »

10 Dec 2019
Mayi Kuwayu

Learn how five core principles enhance participation, trust, and outcomes in community-based projects. Members of the Mayi Kuwayu team share their knowledge and experience.

The role of persistence in influencing policy with research »

29 Oct 2019
David McDonald

We need to continually demonstrate that we are trustworthy and that we are people of value, over the long haul, to the policy workers with whom we engage.

Using a cartoon video to achieve research impact »

17 Sep 2019
The Magic Glasses

In the right circumstances, a cartoon video can be an effective way to communicate research information. But what’s involved in developing a cartoon video?