COVID-19 Resources

20 March 2020

About the featured image

The image uses hypothetical population infection curves to represent distant mountains implying different journeys. The felt textures add warmth, with a soft glow implying early morning light and early signs of hope.


It can be empowering to know that pandemics follow a known pathway from prevention through to recovery. Each phase presents us with an opportunity to support and protect each other and those most vulnerable within our community. An understanding of these phases and their impacts allows us to be proactive and avoid unnecessary worry.

Key points

  1. Pandemics follow a known pathway
  2. We can disrupt the path of the virus by practising social distancing and good hygiene
  3. Essential services will continue to operate
  4. Supermarkets and grocery stores will remain open
  5. There is no need to stockpile goods or panic buy


For more information, refer to the ANU COVID-19 advice and the Department of Health websites.

This fact sheet explains the phases of pandemics. It is the result of a collaboration between ANU epidemiologists, public health experts, medical doctors, psychologists, designers, and communicators.