Project Research theme Status
2015 Extension to Overcoming access and equity problems relating to rural and remote PHC services in Australia Completed
45-49 year old chronic disease prevention health checks in general practice: Utilisation, acceptability and effectiveness Completed
A critical evaluation of the benefits of self-help organisations to people who suffer chronic diseases and examine ways to improve links between the groups and general practitioners Completed
A framework for evaluation of knowledge exchange Completed
A narrative synthesis of models of integrated care centres/polyclinics Completed
A proof of concept study to identify familial hypercholesterolaemia in primary care Completed
A survey to measure the work, education and careers of nurses working in Australian general practice Completed
A systematic review of chronic disease management Completed
A systematic review of primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia 1993-2006 Completed
A toolkit to evaluate nursing care in general practice Completed
A trial of a dedicated clinical leadership role in the ACT Medicare Local Completed
A trial of new ways to encourage adolescent australians to avoid or reduce risk behaviours like smoking, drinking and drug use Completed
Access and equity issues in primary health care services in rural and remote Australia Completed
Advancing health literacy through primary health care systems Completed
An implementation pilot study of “The Change Program” – a GP-delivered weight loss program for adults in primary care Completed
Analysis of the supports and hindrances to the integration of co-located services in multiple models of primary health care delivery Completed
Analysis of undiagnosed diabetes using practice level data: A GRAPHC Project Completed
Arranging generalism in the 2020 primary care team Completed
Attracting health professionals into primary care: Strategies for recruitment Completed
Building better research partnerships by understanding how Aboriginal health communities perceive and use data: a semi structured interview study Completed
Building Primary Care Quality, Performance and Sustainability via Research Co-Creation Completed
Building research capacity at the University of Notre Dame Australia’s School of Medicine (Sydney) to improve chronic disease management in primary health care. Completed
Can Primary Health Care Networks in South Australia Lead to Improved Health Outcomes, as well as Improved Cost Efficiency and Effectiveness? Completed
Capacity building in Indigenous chronic disease primary health care research in rural Australia Completed
Cardiovascular risk mapping in the Netherlands and Australia: a comparative analysis Completed
Charting new roles for Australian general practice nurses: A multicentre qualitative study Completed
Consumer perceptions of nurse practitioners Completed
Coordination of care within primary health care and with other sectors: A systematic review Completed
CRE in primary oral health care Completed
CRE in urban Aboriginal child health- Capacity building Completed
Data Enhancement Program – Ensuring Quality in Urban Aboriginal heaLth (EQUAL) Completed
Defining and Targeting Areas of Primary Care Workforce Need Completed
Dental practitioners: Rural work movements Completed
Developing a wellbeing framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living with chronic disease (wellbeing study) Completed
Developing policy and practice in primary care for Chlamydia testing for underserved populations: a trial in community pharmacies Completed
Duplication in pathology Completed
Effective determinants for supporting lifestyle health literacy and self management skills in primary care Completed
eHealth initiatives and health care integration in GP Super Clinics Completed
Emerging models of integrated primary health care centres: their impact on access and integration of care and contributing factors Completed
Enhancing health system interfaces: a study of experiences of sub-acute care patients, their carers & providers Completed
Enhancing primary care and general practice as a career choice Completed
Evaluation framework for the Interprofessional model at the Women’s Health Service Completed
Evaluation of the ACT School Youth Health Nurse Program Completed
Examination of co-morbidity of chronic conditions using the Serious and Continuting Illness Policy and Practice Study (SCIPPS) Survey data Completed
Examination of the impact of costs of managing chronic conditions using SCIPPS Survey data Completed
Examining the implications of Stream Six review in an international context: primary mental health service research, policy and delivery in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom Completed
Experiencing integration: A pilot study of consumer and provider experiences of integrated primary health care Completed
Extending RE-ORDER (Re-organising care for depression and related disorders in the Australian Primary Care Setting) – Tasmanian and cross cultural component Completed
Financial incentives and the quality of primary health care in Australia Completed
Functional decline in community-dwelling older people & the Medicare 75+ health assessments Completed
GIS and General Practice: Where are we going and when will we get there? Completed
GRAPHC G-Tag system: A GRAPHC Project Completed
HEALS (Hearing EAr health Language and Speech services) project Completed
Health Risk Screening and Counselling of Adolescents in Primary Care: a Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial Completed
Home-based, outreach case management of chronic disease exploratory (HOME) Study Completed
How can effective psychological treatments for common mental disorders best be delivered in primary health care? Completed
How can the primary health care system better support Aboriginal people released from prison? Completed
How much work is involved in looking after your health Completed
Impact of performance indicators Completed
Implementation, sustainability and generalisation of exemplary models of PHC service delivery in rural and remote Australia: a case study analysis Completed
Implementing care co-ordination plus early rehabilitation in high-risk COPD patients in transition from hospital to primary care Completed
Improving Health in the Coalfields Completed
Improving implementation of the 5As of obesity management in general practice Completed
Improving primary health care workforce retention in small rural and remote communities: how important is ongoing education and training? Completed
Improving quality and sustainability in integrated PHC- Electronic Health Record Study Completed
Improving quality and sustainability in integrated PHC- Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Study Completed
Improving quality and sustainability in integrated PHC- Governance Study Completed
Improving quality and sustainability in integrated PHC- PC-PIT Study Completed
Improving quality through clinical governance in primary health care Completed
Improving safety and quality in PHC- Primary Care Collaboratives Study Completed
Improving safety and quality in PHC- General Practice as a Learning Organisation Study Completed
Improving safety and quality in PHC- Mothers After Gestational Diabetes in Australia (MAGDA) Completed
Improving safety and quality in PHC- Patient Safety Collaborative Manual Study Completed
Improving safety and quality in PHC- Safety Study Completed
Improving the identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in mainstream general practice Completed
Improving the ‘network planning and management’ of integrated primary mental health care for older people in rural regions Completed
Improving workforce retention: Developing an integrated logic model to maximise sustainability of small rural and remote health care services Completed
Independent evaluation of the ACT Health nurse-led walk-in centre Completed
Indigenous PHC Intervention in Chronic Disease - 2015 CRE Extension Completed
Information sharing for the management of chronic conditions in primary health care: How does it work and what are the outcomes? Completed
Integrating best practice and filling knowledge gaps in remote Aboriginal diabetes detection and care: Improving case detection and service delivery Completed
Integrating care: organisational process, patient-centred outcome or both? Learning from first generation integrated primary health care centres Completed
Integration, co-ordination and multidisciplinary care in Australia: Growth via optimal governance arrangements Completed
Integration, coordination and multidisciplinary approaches in primary care: a systematic investigation of the literature Completed
Interventions to prevent growth faltering in remote Indigenous communities Completed
Investigation of the Impact of Patient Registration in General Practice Completed
Join the conversation: evaluating the effectiveness of experienced based co-design in improving the client experience of mental health transition across health sector interfaces Completed
Knowledge brokerage literature review, workshop and review Completed
Knowledge exchange and research capacity building in urban Aboriginal health Completed
Mainstreaming a new approach to comprehensive primary care Completed
Making a Difference – Improving Primary Health Care in Residential Aged Care Completed
Managing change in primary care: The contribution of a clinical leadership program Completed
Mapping Aboriginal health partnerships for evidence-policy transfer (MAHPET) Completed
Medical GP assessment of need for dental care: The oral health for older people study Completed
Mental health of Indigenous children living in high income countries Completed
Mental healthcare pathways for urban Aboriginal children Completed
Menzies-Nous survey of attitudes of Australians towards the health service Completed
Models of chronic disease management in primary care for patients with mild to moderate asthma or COPD Completed
Models of mental health delivery: Efficacy, support and policy Completed
MSOD Report: spatial mapping medical schools and student origins: A GRAPHC Project Completed
Narrative literature review on incentives for primary health care team service provision: learning and working together in primary health care Completed
National Centre for Geographic & Resource Analysis in Primary Health Care (GRAPHC) on-line mapping and related geo-spatial analysis systems: A GRAPHC Project Completed
Nurse led after-hours primary care: a review of the literature Completed
Nurse led primary care interventions: a literature review to identify acceptable effective models Completed
Obesity prevention in infants using m-Health: the Growing Healthy program Completed
Optimising access to best practice primary health care: a systematic review Completed
Optimising allied health psychological treatments in primary health care: Piloting a randomised controlled trial of social worker training in focused psychological strategies (The SW-fps Study) Completed
Optimising residential aged care and workforce: Leadership and management Completed
Optimising skill-mix in the primary health care workforce for the care of older Australians Completed
Oral health in Indigenous adults: Perceptions and beliefs about oral health and dental care Completed
Oral health of people with physical and intellectual disabilities: Training carers of people with physical and intellectual disabilities Completed
Oral health policy: International implications for Australia Completed
Organisational developmental approaches in primary care Completed
Outcomes of primary healthcare use for depression and anxiety Completed
Part-time General Practitioners in the ACT: What are the facilitators and barriers for part time clinical general practice? Completed
Partnerships in care: attributes of successful care coordination models which improve health care networks for people with intellectual disability Completed
Patient affiliation with GPs in Australia Completed
Patient Enablement and Satisfaction Survey (PESS) to evaluate nursing care in Australian general practice Completed
Patient Experiences of Primary Care Completed
Patient safety – handover of care between primary and acute care: Policy review and analysis Completed
Paying for Primary Health Care Completed
Perspectives on childhood resilience among the Aboriginal community: an interview study Completed
PHC in Australia: Towards a more sustainable and equitable health care system Completed
Pilot implementation of ICoPE: An innovative model to support patients with glioma and their carers across key care transitions Completed
Practice Nurse Adolescent Clinic for Health Evaluation (PANACHE) Completed
Practice nurse management of overweight and obesity Completed
Practice Nurses in the New Millennium: A Multicentre Qualitative Study Completed
Preferences and choice in primary care- Consumers and providers Completed
Preparing nurses for primary health care reforms Completed
Prevalence and incidence of patient-initiated violence in Australian general practice Completed
Preventing overweight and obesity in young children Completed
Primary care management of comorbid mental health and drug and alcohol problems Completed
Primary Care Service Areas: A GRAPHC project Completed
Primary health care for mental health: An analysis of Ontario Health Service activity rates by socio-economic measures Completed
Principles and practice of primary health care integration: Learning and up-scaling results from a regional GP Superclinic Completed
Promoting EArly intervention with men’s use of violence in ReLationships through primary care (PEARL study) Completed
Promoting healthy weight in the preschool years: A portfolio and planning guide to address barriers in primary care Completed
QUALICOPC-AUSTRALIA: The Australian arm of an international comparative study of primary health care systems Completed
Raising consumer voices in Australian primary health care research Completed
RE-ORDER: re-organising the care of depression and related disorders in the Australian primary health care setting Completed
Readiness for school Completed
REDIRECT: reducing older patients’ avoidable presentations for emergency care treatment Completed
Relationship of dental practitioners to rural primary care networks Completed
Retention strategies and incentives for health workers in rural and remote areas: What works? Completed
Returning Home, Back to Community from Custodial Care Evaluation Completed
Review of primary and community care nursing Completed
Rural Capacity building in rural and remote health care quality and safety Completed
Rural PHC access measures: Applicability to workforce planning and policies Completed
SANDS in GP – Supporting Advanced Nurse Development and Sustainability in general practice Completed
Serious and Continuing Illness Policy and Practice Study (SCIPPS) Completed
SIREN project: systems innovation and reviews of evidence in primary health care: narrative review of innovative models for comprehensive primary health care delivery Completed
Skill mix translation - top down or bottom up? An international comparison Completed
Socio-economic factors and support mechanisms influencing the individual's capacity to maintain self care in the management of chronic illness Completed
Southern Highlands Division of General Practice Diabetes Program: Report on implementation Completed
Stocktake of primary health care research in Australia Completed
Sub-acute care: An international literature review Completed
Submission to the National Health & Hospitals Reform Commission: primary health care workforce Completed
Successful ageing and oral health: Incorporating dental professionals into aged care facilities Completed
Supporting Primary Health Care Providers in Western Sydney areas of socioeconomic disadvantage Completed
Systematic review of comprehensive primary health care models Completed
Systematic review of continuous quality improvement in Indigenous primary health care organisations Completed
Systematic review on service linkages in primary mental health care: Informing Australian policy and practice Completed
Tailored health care for chronic disease in primary care: minimising the risks and maximising the benefits - An application of policy simulation Completed
Telehealth to support structured monitoring to achieve targets for glycaemia in insulin-treated type 2 diabetes (T2D) in rural primary care Completed
The Acceptability and Feasibility of a Practice Nurse-Led Collaborative Care Model for the Management of Chronic Illness within General Practice Completed
The built environment and primary health care teams Completed
The Centre of Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care Completed
The contribution of approaches to organisational change in optimising the primary health care workforce Completed
The Contribution of Self Help Organisations to Chronic Disease Self-management and Their Linkages with General Practitioners Completed
The expanding role of generalists in rural and remote health: A systematic review Completed
The Menzies–Nous survey of attitudes towards the Australian Health System Completed
The role of allied health in the management of complex conditions in a comprehensive primary care setting Completed
The value of primary health care and primary health care organisations Completed
Towards Building Better Primary Health Care Completed
Travelling fellowship: Arranging generalism in the 2020 primary health care team Completed
Understanding barriers and facilitators of access to dental care and completion of treatment for Aboriginal adults Completed
Use of measures of socioeconomic deprivation in planning primary health care workforce and defining health care need in Australia Completed
Using competency-based education to equip the primary health care workforce to manage chronic disease Completed
Utilisation of allied health services by people with chronic disease: Differences across health insurance coverage and policy change Completed
Weight management for patients in general practice tailored to health literacy Completed
What is the Impact of a Local Model of Collaboration on Access to and Quality of Multi-disciplinary Care for Patients with Chronic and Complex Health Problems? Completed
What is the impact of policy on coordination on the practice of coordination? Completed
What is the likely impact on health, demand for health services and provision of health services of the Global Financial Crisis in Australia? Completed
What is the place of generalism in mental health care in Australia? Completed
What is the place of generalism in the 2020 primary care team? Completed
Who provides After Hours GP care in Australia Completed