Driving is a way of life in Australia, often necessitated by our geography and public transport systems. In Australia it is estimated that approximately 99.3% of males and 89.9% of females aged 65+ are licensed drivers. Unfortunately, older adults are also overrepresented in crash statistics per distance traveled, particularly with regard to serious injuries or death when involved in motor vehicle crashes. Researchers at CRAHW are working on studies that evaluate the cognitive, sensory and motor influences on driving safety as well as the influence of medication on driving. Much of our research has focussed on developing a risk assessment tool called the Multi-D and evaluating this against on-road testing and will long term follow-up of samples of older adults. We also conduct research into the effects of driving cessation on mental health and wellbeing and are currently developing an intervention to improve driving skills for older adults.  Driving research at CRAHW uses science to solve social problems that will increase quality of life and reduce injury and we contribute to public policy in this area.



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