BUPA Project - Simulation modelling to guide mental health

This Australian Capital Territory (ACT) study will bring world best practice to mental healthcare by using an Artificial Intelligence enabled “decision support system” or modelling tool, devised by a consortium led by Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla. 

The project will develop a proof of concept of the modelling tool using ACT data on mental health service provision and usage. The data will be drawn from the 2016 Atlas of Mental Health for the ACT region, which identifies the types of care provided in the ACT region, and from secondary analysis of aggregated and deidentified 2016/17 service utilisation data from ACT Health. 

Stakeholders from key public mental health agencies in the ACT will contribute qualitative analysis of decision making processes in mental health planning.

The modelling tool, developed by Prof Salvador-Carulla's team is already in use in England and Spain, and may eventually support local and regional mental health planning across Australia.

This project is funded by BUPA Health Foundation.