Data analytics and evidence synthesis to inform health policy and practice

Data analytics and evidence synthesis to inform health policy and practice

Large-scale data analytics is the science of using a range of data types to inform community, practitioner and policy-maker decision-making. In the population health context, data types include routinely collected data (e.g. hospitalisation, cancer registry and death data) and cohort studies, or separate efforts such as quality registries. Analyses are conducted to quantify the role of modifiable risk factors for health conditions, to fill the gaps identified in major evidence assessments such as health technology assessments, guidelines and other reviews and to interpret patient data for a more people-centred integrated care approach in healthcare and implementation sciences. Both large data analytics and evidence synthesis help link between research and practice


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Project Status
Integration and Implementation Insights blog (i2Insights blog) Current
(S)WASH-D for WORMS Completed
A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of Implementation of ‘The Patient Enablement Model’     Current
A systematic review of the literature examining the relative efficacy of peridischarge strategies to reduce unplanned 30-day readmission rates after knee and hip arthroplasty Current
AADRF Completed
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol and tobacco control Current
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander chronic disease management models Potential
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural determinants of health and wellbeing Potential
Absolute Risk Approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cardiovascular Disease Current
Addressing the hour-glass ceiling: New case for action on gender equality Current
Ageing in China and Australia: Promoting health, productivity and wellbeing Current
Anaemia among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and women in Australia: Assessing risk factors and control strategy Current
ARC DECRA Completed
Assessing mental health Current
Barriers to and enablers of participating in the NBCSP among migrant Current
Building a network of leaders in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research organisations Current
Building capacity for evidence-based health development in Indonesia Current
Building research integration and implementation expertise Current
Building resources for Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) Current
Cancer survivorship Potential
Cardiovascular disease: risk factors, outcomes and prevention. Current
Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines and Ageing (CREMA) Current
Chronic disease and healthy ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including tobacco Current
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Current
Climate change, heat and air pollution effects on health Current
Conquering schistosomiasis in China – the last mile (QIMR) Current
Consumer experience of General Practice in the ACT Current
CVD risk, prevention and implementation Current
Developing methods to measure and monitor health inequalities using large-scale, linked data Current
Developing new measures of socioeconomic status for practice and policy Current
Developing technologies to support patients’ transition from acute to primary care: enabling orthopaedic patients and preventing unplanned 30-day readmissions.    Current
Dust storms, drought and spatio-temporal patterns in respiratory mortality Current
Effectiveness of interventions for the prevention and treatment of early childhood lower respiratory tract infections/pneumonia in low income countries Potential
Enhancing chronic disease screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples Current
Environmental change and the spread of diseases from animals to humans Current
Epidemiology of suicidal behaviour Current
Experiences and impacts of discrimination among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults in Australia Current
Frameworks for Transdisciplinary Research Current
Getting real about risk: using patient medical records for the geospatial analysis of chronic diseases Completed
GLOCAL (Global and Local Observation and mapping of CAre Levels) Current
Health impacts of tobacco Potential
Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children Current
Identifying determinants of childhood primary health care coverage and uptake in humanitarian crises Potential
Implications of COVID-19 restrictions for climate change and environmental health Current
Improving stated preference methods for measuring health gains in vulnerable populations for use in economic evaluation Current
Improving understanding of unknown unknowns to support defence decision making Current
Large-scale data to improve Aboriginal child health: seeding success and beyond Completed
Latitudinal gradients in disease Current
Lifestyle influences of healthy ageing and chronic disease: Longitudinal predictors Current
Machine learning in correlated data Completed
Mathematical properties of the QQ plot Current
Measuring inequalities in mortality Current
Mental health modelling - Impact of Covid19 on psychological distress and mental health service use Current
Migrants and Health system literacy Current
Missing data in multilevel models Current
MS service availablity and patterns of care in the ACT region Current
Multiple causes of death and their contribution to population attributable fractions Potential
Multiple imputation algorithms for dealing with longitudinal panel data Potential
New uses of meta-analysis Completed
Nutrition in rural Bali and Central Java Current
Our Health In Our Hands - personalised medicine transforming health care Current
Pharmacoepidemiology and chronic disease Current
Phase 1: The experience of mothers and staff in using the Non-Invasive Fetal ECG monitor Current
Predictors of hospital discharge to home following four main surgeries Completed
Productive Ageing in Australia and Asia Current
Quality and Efficiency in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Current
Reducing family violence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Current
Regression with kernel residual distributions Current
Risk factors and mortality in the Thai Cohort Study Current
Sample size selection from pilot surveys Current
Small area estimation of health outcomes Completed
Small area estimation of health outcomes Potential
Smoking among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: health impacts, associated factors, and trends over time Current
Smoking and health: large scale data on important outcomes Current
Social engagement and workforce participation among cancer survivors Potential
Social fragmentation and mental disorders Completed
Social, cultural and health service determinants of adolescent family planning uptake in humanitarian crises Potential
Socioeconomic determinants of health and wellbeing across the life course: Australian and English comparisons Current
Spatio-temporal modelling of infections associated with antibiotic use (e.g MRSA, Clostridium difficile) Current
Stated preference methods for exploring health preference and decision making heterogeneity in complex health interventions and decisions Current
Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health Current
Surveillance and Monitoring to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis from the Samoan Islands Completed
Tackling Indigenous Smoking Current
Testing the I2S Framework Completed
Thai Health-Risk Transition Project Current
The effect of goals on participation of exercise and nutrition programs Current
The effectiveness, acceptability and cost effectiveness of the 'BALatrine' Current
The Population Health Exchange Current
Understanding information needs about COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccination program among migrants in Australia Current
Understanding socio-demographic cohorts in the COVID-19 Vaccines Strategy Current
Understanding the impact of linkage error and linkage quality on effect estimates Current
Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis in travelers Completed
Variation in CVD risk, incidence, care and outcomes Current
Variation in fatal burden of disease, preventive CVD care and end-of-life care Current
VisualSPEAK - visual communication of health messages Current
Work characteristics, major life events, shocks to health, sleep quality and mental health Current
Work, nutrition, sleep, exercise inequality, and health outcomes Current
Working longer, staying healthy and keeping productive Current
Working time and type of work, and impact on workers' sleep Current