Life course, ageing and dementia

Life course, ageing and dementia

RSPH expertise in lifecourse development, ageing and dementia aims to optimise wellbeing of individuals and communities across the lifespan by conducting translational, policy relevant research. Research studies consider the biological, psychological, and social processes which contribute to ageing, cognitive health and dementia, with a view to better characterise risk and protective factors. Working closely with government agencies, private sector care providers, clinical practitioners and the community, we place emphasis on promoting the translation of research findings into practice and policy.


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Project Status
A review of shared risk factors between chronic non-communicable diseases and cognitive impairment in Asia Potential
AADRF Completed
Ageing Health and Wellbeing in China and India Completed
Ageing in China and Australia: Promoting health, productivity and wellbeing Current
Ageing-in-Place for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Current
ANU-Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Index (ANU-ADRI) Current
ARC DECRA Completed
Attitudes, ageing & intergenerational relations Current
Body Brain Life – Fit Pilot Completed
Body, Brain, Life Completed
Breaking the ice Completed
Canberra Longitudinal Study Current
Caregiving among older persons in Asia Potential
Effect of cognitive training on driving skill Completed
Flourishing and languishing Current
Getting real about risk: using patient medical records for the geospatial analysis of chronic diseases Completed
Job strain and wellbeing Current
Lifestyle influences of healthy ageing and chronic disease: Longitudinal predictors Current
Living with deadly thoughts Current
Mental health burden Current
Methamphetamine use in the ACT
National Survey of Attitudes to cognitive health and lifestyle Current
Productive Ageing in Australia and Asia Current
Sexual health and behaviour Current
Socio-economic and life course determinants of healthy and productive ageing in Australia and China Potential
Socioeconomic determinants of health and wellbeing across the life course: Australian and English comparisons Current
Sources of Strength Australia Current
Suicide risk Current
Symptom profiles of methamphetamine users Current
Wellbeing expectancies and values Current
Work Well Being Current
Working longer, staying healthy and keeping productive Current