Attitudes, ageing & intergenerational relations

This project aims to determine changing societal attitudes towards older workers, recent retirees, and those in advanced old age concerning intergenerational justice and related social issues and policies. This project involves a component of the National Survey Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AuSSA) - referred to as the Attitudes to Ageing in Australia Survey (AAA) - and is funded by the ARC Centre of Excellence on Population Ageing Research (CEPAR). The focus for the AAA survey continues to be on the attitudes of different age and socio-economic groups, possible social and economic influences on them, and how they relate to political and social views relevant to older people. The 2015-16 AAA survey also inquiries in greater depth ageing people’s experiences and perceptions of ageist treatment, and younger people’s experiences and perceptions that may give rise to them.

Investigations are underway comparing how attitudes to ageing may have changed over time, along with the socio-economic and political change, such as developments between the 2010 and 2015 Intergenerational Reports.