Measuring and Valuing Women's Productivity: The Mothers' Milk Tool

Valuing breastfeeding through the Lost Mothers Milk Tool

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Breastfeeding and mothers’ milk is presently not counted in food systems or the economy and should be. The Mothers’ Milk Tool will help. 

Money is the language of policymakers. Counting human milk production in food and economic statistics will assist in better policy decision-making and investments in women’s unpaid care work.

The Mothers’ Milk Tool quantifies the volume of breastmilk and the value of breastfeeding at national and global levels. The Tool also quantifies how much is lost when country environments, policy, healthcare, work and community settings do not enable women’s and children’s rights to breastfeeding.

Join us at a time when many countries celebrate Mother's Day for the launch of the Tool and hear from an outstanding lineup of speakers.

This webinar is proudly brought to you by the ANU National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Alive & Thrive Southeast Asia, and FHI Solutions.

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