Thesis Proposal Review: Household food insecurity and lack of sanitation facilities associated health and nutritional risks in coastal regions of Bangladesh

Food security


The coastal population in Bangladesh are highly vulnerable to household food insecurity and lack of sanitation facilities. Household food insecurity means lack of access to an adequate amount of safe and nutritious food to fulfil the dietary requirements and the lack of sanitation refers to inadequate facilities of hygienic toilets, safe drinking water and absence of stuffs required to maintain personal hygiene. Food insecurity and lack of sanitation facilities are two critical social determinants significantly affects an individual’s physical and mental health. The aim of this PhD research is to identify the prevalence and determinants of household food insecurity and poor sanitation status and associated adverse health and nutritional outcomes among the coastal populations in Bangladesh.

This study will be a mixed method design with a cross-sectional survey and qualitative investigation. This study will demonstrate the potential factors and outcomes of these two crucial issues which will ultimately help to the government, policy makers and other non-governmental organizations to allocate resources and also implement different interventions for the fine resolution of the identified problems targeting the most vulnerable groups in coastal districts of Bangladesh.


ShuvagatoShuvagato is a PhD scholar of the Department of Global Health, NCEPH in the Australian National University. He completed his Master of Science in Aquaculture and Bachelor of Science in Fisheries from Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh. During his study period, he achieved several academic awards in recognition of brilliant academic performance. Prior to starting his journey at ANU, he worked as a faculty member in the Department of Fisheries and Marine Science, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh. Being a faculty member of a university located in the coastal belt, he has the experience to conduct research with the coastal community of Bangladesh. Shuvagato is keenly interested to build up his career on public health nutrition.