Understanding the health and living conditions of the Sámi people of Sweden

Per Axelsson

The Sami are a unique Indigenous people who have lived in the Arctic region for thousands of years. Surprisingly, Sweden lacks the data necessary to understand the state of health and social well-being of its only Indigenous population. Associate Professor Per Axelsson aims to establish a comprehensive understanding of the present health and living conditions for the entire adult population in Jokkmokk municipality, a traditional Sami area.

Associate Professor Per Axelsson’s insights into Sami culture will be of interest to anyone engaged with the challenges facing Indigenous people around the world, with a focus on collecting data to measure and improve healthcare.

About Per Axelsson

Per Axelsson is an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Umeå University, Sweden. Dr Axelsson has published mainly on Sami health, population statistics and ethnic/indigenous identity, Sami history and the history of medicine.

** We will serve refreshments after the talk.

***This is a child-friendly event. Children are welcome to attend with a supervising parent or carer.