World Environment Day: Analysing Commercial Milk Formula’s Footprints

Chea Chakriya - Alive & Thrive
This World Environment Day, we will introduce you to the Green Feeding Tool - Innovating to improve nutrition can help meet climate targets. The downloadable tool calculates the carbon and water footprints of countries’ different infant feeding practices. It shows the environmental gains from policy scenarios that enable women and infants to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months.
As well as presentations from the Green Feeding Tool Team at the Australian National University and Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific, you will hear other expert presentations and user feedback. You will also learn about new research on the carbon and water footprint of commercial milk formula and how to reduce it.
Please register today, as registrations are limited. A YouTube Live stream will be available for those that miss out:

Research and Development Team Members

Australian National University

  1. Julie Smith, Honorary Associate Professor, College of Health and Medicine.
  2. Alessandro Iellamo, Independent Consultant, United Kingdom.
  3. Rene R. Raya, Programmer, Action for Economic Reforms (AER).
  4. Rose Ann L. Batuigas, Support Programmer, Social Watch Philippines (SWP).
  5. Bindi Borg, College of Health and Medicine
  6. Andini Pramono, College of Health and Medicine

FHI Solutions

  1. Roger Mathisen, Regional Director, Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific
  2. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Regional Technical Advisor, Measurement, Learning and Evaluation, Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific
  3. Tran Thanh Nhat Khoa, Information Technology Consultant, Viet Nam
  4. Nguyen Hong Nhung, Consultant, Knowledge Management, Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific
  5. Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, Regional Program Associate, Knowledge Management, Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific

This work was funded by FHI Solutions Innovation Incubator.