Student projects

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Projects Supervisors Research themes
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander chronic disease management models
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural determinants of health and wellbeing
Anaemia among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and women in Australia: Assessing risk factors and control strategy
Barriers to and enablers of participating in the NBCSP among migrants
Bushfire smoke and health protection
Cancer survivorship
Cardiovascular disease: risk factors, outcomes and prevention.
Causal patterns in deaths from CVD in Australia
Climate change, heat and air pollution effects on health
Comparative performance of migrant vs non-migrant doctors in OECD countries: a systematic review
Developing methods to measure and monitor health inequalities using large-scale, linked data
Developing new measures of socioeconomic status for practice and policy
Effectiveness of interventions for the prevention and treatment of early childhood lower respiratory tract infections/pneumonia in low income countries
Elimination of viral hepatitis viruses as a public health threat among migrants in Australia
Estimating the global risk of the emergence, transmission, and spread of novel diseases
Family time pressure and impact on health and health behaviour
Health impacts of tobacco
Identifying determinants of childhood primary health care coverage and uptake in humanitarian crises
Implementation of digital mental health programs in university and clinical settings
Implications of COVID-19 restrictions for climate change and environmental health
Improving stated preference methods for measuring health gains in vulnerable populations for use in economic evaluation
Interpersonal needs and mental health in adolescents
Mathematical modelling of diseases at low prevalence
Mathematical modelling of respiratory pathogens
Measuring inequalities in mortality