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PHXchange capitalizes on the significant policy and practice impacts achieved at the Research School of Population Health. The PHXchange webpages aim to capture the ‘how’ of achieving those impacts. Here we provide links to the impacts themselves and the underlying research. Some of that research is completed, but most is ongoing, with more impacts to come.

Watch this space, as we add more links to our research. In the meantime check out current RSPH projects.

Integration and Implementation Sciences provides a framework for cross-disciplinary teams to partner with stakeholders in tackling complex population health and other societal problems. Through its website and the widely-read i2Insights blog it provides extensive resources for 1) synthesis of disciplinary and stakeholder knowledge, 2) understanding and management of diverse unknowns, and 3) provision of integrated research support for policy and practice change.

The Mayi Kuwayu Study is a world-first examination of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing is linked to connection to country, cultural practices, spirituality, language use and other factors. Too early for impact yet, but it’s exemplary in establishing partnerships among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peak organisations, communities and researchers and other researchers at RSPH and partner organisations.

New collaborative work on cancer aims to use data from over 45,000 cancer survivors from the 45 and Up Study to quantify short-and long-term person-centred outcomes, such as physical functioning limitations, psychological distress and quality of life. These will be analysed by different cancer types, as well as time since diagnosis, and treatment status. The study, led by researchers at the RSPH in collaboration with Cancer Council NSW, will focus on providing large-scale data on cancer prevention and early detection. Priority areas will include cancer incidence in relation to smoking, alcohol, prostate cancer screening, overweight/obesity and hormonal factors.