July report for Society Culture and Health

1 July 2020

Outreach and engagement

Ruth Kharis was the PHAA representative at the ACT Food Regulation Reference Group 3 June.

Julie Smith, Phd Supervisory Panel for University of Queensland, Julianne Margaret McGuire, EXPLORING BARRIERS AND ENABLERS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE, final submission

Papers accepted/published:

Leach L.S & Butterworth P. Depression and anxiety in early adulthood: Consequences for finding a partner, and relationship support and conflict. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. Accepted 15/06/2020. (High impact journal – EPS ranked 9/142 in Psychiatry Journals).

Sargent, G, Mcquoid, J. Dixon, J. Banwell, C. Strazdins, L. Flexible work, temporal disruption, and the implications for health practices: An Australian qualitative study. Accepted for publication. Work, Employment and Society.

McGuire, J., Irvine, S., Smith, JP., & Gallegos, D. (2020). Creating supportive environments for responsive infant feeding in Australian early childhood education and care settings, Breastfeeding Review, accepted 2 June 2020.