Young Scientists Blooming with Tall Poppy Award

Dr Aparna Lal
5 November 2020

Research is blooming at The Australian National University. Four academics, including Dr Aparna Lal from RSPH have been recognised with prestigious ACT Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.

The awards honour up-and-coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science. It aims to encourage scientists from a variety of backgrounds to follow in the footsteps of previous outstanding achievers.

Dr Aparna Lal has a multidisciplinary science background in public health and wildlife science and ecology. She is committed to helping young people understand the connection between environment and health.

"Now more than ever it is important for us to work across sectors and disciplines, be inclusive of a wide array of perspectives and create solutions that will benefit the environment and our health," she said.

"I was born and grew up in India and I have three young children. The Award for me is a celebration of many early career scientists like myself as well as a time for action, when we can further diversify the voices and experiences for more inclusive leadership."


** The four academics from ANU who were awarded ACT Tall Poppies are Dr Tristan Reekie, Dr Larissa Schneider, Dr Aparna Lal and Dr Anna Olsen. You can read about their research in the original article published by ANU Media.

*** Learn more about the "Tall Poppies", an initiative of the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, here.