Mental health care for all: let's make it a reality

11 October 2021

New Mind Seeds mental health resources

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is associated with high levels of uncertainty, loss, frustration and change which has a direct impact on our mental health. To promote psychological wellbeing, it is important to provide evidence-based and easily accessible mental health resources. Supporting the theme for 2021 World Mental Health Day: Mental health care for all: let's make it a reality, researchers and students at the Australian National University, College of Health and Medicine have developed new evidence-based online mental health resources.

The new and innovative Mind Seeds animated videos and podcast series provide evidence-based approaches to improve psychological wellbeing including thinking flexibly, self-compassion, practicing mindfulness and managing stress and uncertainty.

“The Mind Seeds animated videos are enjoyable to watch and informative. The Mind Seeds podcasts are easy-to-listen-to discussions between mental health experts that provide useful strategies that promote psychological wellbeing,” says Dr Jo Lane, RSPH Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist.

From practising self-compassion, thinking flexibly, and checking in with your thoughts, the Mind Seeds series has been developed by psychologists and students from across the College, and offer practical tips and exercises that can help improve psychological wellbeing. One theme that runs through several podcasts and videos is mindfulness, and Dr Lane has contributed to this series with an animated video on practising mindfulness using our five senses.

“Mindfulness is about being present with openness, curiosity and without judgement. Research has shown that practicing mindfulness is beneficial for our psychological wellbeing including reducing stress and anxiety, providing perspective and regulating our emotions,” says Dr Lane. 

The Mind Seeds animated videos and podcasts are useful to everyone. Life is full of challenges, whether it is pressure at school or work, a difficult break-up, the loss of a loved one, or stress and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Mind Seeds promotes psychological wellbeing and is free and easily accessible.

“Our goal as mental health experts is to provide mental health care for everyone and the Mind Seeds resources are one way to help make this a reality,” says Dr Lane.


* Hear more from Dr Jo Lane on 13 October with her seminar on Emotional agility: Doing what matters when life is tough. This event supports Mental Health Month and is free to attend

** Access the Mind Seeds animated videos and podcasts on the College of Health and Medicine’s Wellbeing page. Be sure to bookmark this page, as new content will be added soon.

Go directly to the animated videos:

Practicing mindfulness using the five senses, with Dr Jo Lane.

Thinking flexibly, with Timothy Hatfield.

Self-compassion, with Erin Brown and Paula Ozola.

Ali Wetherell from the PHXchange animated the videos.

Go directly to the podcasts:

How checking your thoughts can help you deal with stress, with Dr Kristen Murray.

How emotions can help guide us in life, with Julia Reynolds.

Using mindfulness to cope with worry, with Dr Conal Monaghan.

Self-compassion and how we treat ourselves matters, with Associate Professor Liz Rieger.

Managing the challenges of uncertainty, with Lisa Oxman.

How connecting with our values can help in times of change, with Dr Linda Nicholson

Building social cohesion in our communities, with Professor Kate Reynolds

NOTE: the podcasts can also be accessed by visiting the College of Health and Medicine SoundCloud site.