Mental Health and Wellbeing Across the Life Course

Mental health and wellbeing


The Mental Health and Wellbeing group investigates bio-psycho-social causes and consequences linked to mental health and wellbeing across the lifecourse - with focus on resources and social contexts that matter for health equity (and inequities). Our research focuses on understanding risk/protective factors for mental health and wellbeing at the population-level - both in the broader community and in specific population groups (e.g. adolescents, parents, older adults). We collaborate together with and provide evidence for public policy, as well as community and health services.



  • Social epidemiology and mental health
  • Healthy ageing
  • PATH Through Life Project (longitudinal cohort study)
  • Administrative linked data to inform social policy and mental health services
  • Employment, jobs, welfare and mental health
  • Family, gender and mental health (parents and children)
  • Wellbeing literacy and measurement




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