Body, Brain, Life

The Body, Brain, Life (BBL) project, funded by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres, is a novel online intervention to assist middle aged individuals at risk of dementia achieve and sustain changes in several lifestyle areas and reduce their dementia risk-profile.

The intervention is based on several years of research that has identified modifiable risk factors for dementia and the intervention uses behaviour change principles. BBL was evaluated in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of 176 middle-aged adults where it compared with a group that received the online intervention augmented with several face-to-face group sessions and a control group that received weekly emails recommending participants read health-related websites. Results of the trials showed that participating in the BBL intervention led to a significantly reduced score on the ANU-Alzheimers’ Disease Risk Index. Online dementia risk reduction interventions show promise for reducing the overall dementia risk in middle-aged adults with multiple risk factors. The scientific article reporting this work is published.