Lifestyle influences of healthy ageing and chronic disease: Longitudinal predictors

This project is based primarily on the Melbourne Longitudinal Studies on Healthy Ageing program (MELSHA), led by AI Browning and CI Kendig. MELSHA is a 16 year population-based longitudinal cohort study which has contributed to healthy ageing policy in Australia and to the importance of including older people in health promotion programs.

This project covered multiple research areas including:

  • Comparisons of the multimorbidity and health within Canada and Australia (Wister, Kendig, Loh).
  • Living well with chronic diseases (Burns, Browning, Kendig).
  • Trajectories of Ageing Well among Older Australians (Enticott, Browning, Kendig, Thomas).
  • Changes in oral health over time and its relationship to general health and wellbeing (Marino, Browning, Kendig).