A Revisit to On the Mode of Communication of Cholera by John Snow: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

In 1849, John Snow published the first edition of On the Mode of Communication of Cholera where he described how cholera is spread by contaminated water contaminated by faeces. Over 150 years have passed and cholera still remains a public health problem. In the last 10 years several outbreaks have been reported worldwide. However, epidemiology of V. cholera infection during outbreaks may have changed and other modes of transmission (e.g. ingestion of contaminated food or direct person-to-person transmission) may have become the leading cause of spread of the disease.
The objective of this student project is to identify and quantify the main modes of transmission of cholera in recent outbreaks. Findings of this project are relevant for planning cholera outbreak response. It is expected that findings from this project are published in an international peer-reviewed journal.