August report for Integration and Implementation Sciences

5 August 2020

New grants/funding

Gabriele Bammer is a member of a successful grant application funded by the University of Oxford Global Challenges Research Fund on “Conviviality within Indian Megacities: interpreting urban spatiality for people, waste and animals”. (Providing transdisciplinary expertise).

Outreach and engagement

In July the i2Insights blog ( curated by Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane published the latest PHXchange blog post, by Dorothy Broom on researcher activism. Other blog posts dealt with criticism of interdisciplinarity, hot topics in team science and the relationship between uncertainty, awareness and ambiguity.

Gabriele Bammer participated in a small group discussion with leaders of organisations responding to homelessness and first nations media as part of the ANU Future Shapers program organised by the Public Policy and Societal Impact Hub. She also gave a remote presentation on transdisciplinary research frameworks at a workshop on Sustainability Transition Frameworks held at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, Germany.

Gabriele Bammer was invited to join the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit), based in Santiago de Compostela and belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). She also joined the steering committee to enhance and evolve the ANU VC’s Courses.

Media releases/interest

Bammer, G. 2020 ‘Today’s pandemic needs new model’ The Canberra Times, Opinion, 2 July, 26-27 and online.

Papers accepted/published:

Bammer, G. 2020 ‘Should science communication become part of a discipline of integration and implementation sciences (i2S)?’ Journal of Science Communication. Accepted.