May report for Integration and Implementation Sciences

5 May 2021

Good News

The list of terms with definitions Gabriele Bammer has developed for the Integration and Implementation Insights blog ( is now available on the BioPortal repository (, which is run out of Stanford University and is the leading international resource for openly available medical ontologies and vocabularies.

New grants/funding

Gabriele Bammer is a named investigator on a US National Science Foundation funded grant Transdisciplinary Training Collaboratory: Building Common Ground, which will “bring together key transdisciplinary thought leaders and trainers from regional centers and programs around the world to identify key elements of what researchers need to know, do and be in the context of transdisciplinary research and to create training curriculum, guidelines, and frameworks to disseminate widely.”

Gabriele Bammer has signed a new contract with private provider, Knowledge E, to provide strategic advice and guidance on the implementation of interdisciplinary research and education in the Egyptian higher education system.

Outreach and engagement

In April the Integration and Implementation Insights blog ( curated by Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane maintained a high number of views (25K) and viewers (16.5K). Blog posts covered funding research for change, systems thinking and systems leadership, perpetuation of injustices by research (the first contribution from Turkey), and facilitation skills and cross-disciplinary team leadership (also published in Arabic).