November report for Integration and Implementation Sciences

4 November 2020

Good news

A paper independently assessing the Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) framework (and demonstrating its value) was published in the journal GAIA:  Robson-Williams, Melissa; Small, Bruce; Robson-Williams, Roger (2020) Designing transdisciplinary projects for collaborative policy-making: The Integration and Implementation Sciences framework as a tool for reflection GAIA 29(3) pp. 170-175(6) 29(3)

New grants/funding

The Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) framework has been used to underpin a US National Science Foundation grant in the ‘Coastlines and People Hubs for Research and Broadening Participation (CoPe)’ funding program. The grant is led by Dr Suzanne Pierce (University of Texas at Austin) and entitled “CIRCLE: AI and Modeling for Collective Impact on Resilient Communities through Social Learning and Equity.”

The Integration and Implementation Insights blog has been written into a US National Science Foundation grant in the Innovation in Graduate Education (IGE) program, as a key part of the dissemination strategy. The grant is led by Dr Mark Moritz (Ohio State University) and entitled “Training Wicked Scientists to Catalyze Convergence in Transdisciplinary Teams.”

Keynote and invited presentations

Gabriele Bammer gave an invited presentation on complexity, diversity and synthesis at the RegNet 2020 Conversations series on Critical junctures: Reimagining regulatory governance, October 27.

Outreach and engagement

Gabriele Bammer supported Kirsty Jones from the Crawford School (and facilitator Wendy Russell) in the delivery of the first of two Knowledge to Action workshops attended by 15 ANU faculty and professional staff. The second workshop will be held in November.

Gabriele Bammer delivered the third and fourth (of six) online workshops for the “Interdisciplinary Research Excellence” course that she is teaching in Egypt.

In October the i2Insights blog ( curated by Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane achieved a new milestone of more than 1000 views in one day, as well as the first blog post from a Russian contributor. In addition, there was a new record for the month in the number of views (more than 18K) and viewers (more than 11K). Blog posts were published on student views of transdisciplinary learning, the IPO model of research integration, differentiating between interdisciplinarity and synergy in collaborations, and systems transdisciplinarity as a metadiscipline.

Gabriele Bammer was invited to join the strategic board of the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2021, Creating spaces and cultivating mindsets for learning and experimentation.

Papers accepted/published:

Bammer, G. 2020 ‘Scoping public health problems’ In Kawachi, I.; Lang, I.; Ricciardi, W. (eds) Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice, Third edition. Oxford University Press, 2-10. 10.1093/med/9780198800125.003.0001