October report for Integration and Implementation Sciences

7 October 2020

Good News

Gabriele Bammer was invited to join University’s 6-member Policy Impact Capability Committee overseeing the work of the ANU’s Public Policy and Societal Impact Hub, chaired by former APS deputy Secretary, Serena Wilson.

The i2Inisghts blog achieved a record number of monthly views (more than 16,700) and viewers (more than 10,800) in September.

Keynote and invited presentations

Gabriele Bammer gave a keynote address entitled “Towards integration: What is integration and why it is a means to arts/humanities participation in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research?” at a two-day online workshop organised by Shape-ID (Shaping interdisciplinary practices in Europe).

Outreach and engagement

Gabriele Bammer supported Kirsty Jones from the Crawford School in the on-going design of two Knowledge to Action workshops to be held with a range of ANU faculty in October and November.

Gabriele Bammer delivered the first two online workshops for the “Interdisciplinary Research Excellence” course that she is teaching in Egypt. She also provided a guest lecture on key elements of complexity for the Professional Practice courses taken by all graduate students at ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. In addition, she is part of a group reviewing the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s courses, which met with a senior University group including the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic. They were encouraged to think expansively about the design of a new undergraduate course for all ANU students.

As a member of the international steering committee, Gabriele Bammer was involved in discussing the grant review process for the #ConnectingMinds (transdisciplinary research) program of the Austrian Science Fund. She was also involved in the grant review process of an Australian funder.

As the ANU representative, Gabriele Bammer attended a meeting of the Steering Committee of Future Earth Australia.

In September the i2Insights blog (http://i2Insights.org) curated by Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane published blog posts on amplifying impact for transformational change, virtual conference planning, fostering cross-disciplinary research, scaffolding transdisciplinary contributions and librarians in interdisciplinary research teams.

Papers accepted/published:

Bammer, G. 2020 ‘Should science communication become part of a discipline of integration and implementation sciences (i2S)?’ Journal of Science Communication 19 (04), C04. https://doi.org/10.22323/2.19040304.