Associate Professor Raglan Maddox

PhD, University of Canberra, MPH, Curtin University, BSc, Curtin University


Dr. Raglan Maddox (Modewa Clan, Papua New Guinea) is leading the evaluation of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program. The evaluation is a collaboration between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled health sector, the Menzies School of Health Research’s Tobacco Control Research Program and the Australian National University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Program. The evaluation will focus on implementation quality and efficiency, and quantify the impact and outcomes of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking Regional Tobacco Control Grants on smoking prevalence and other tobacco-related indicators.


Dr. Maddox’s program of research has focused on developing population based Indigenous heath info-systems using community driven processes. This research has been generating primary data platforms to better understand and improve Indigenous health and wellbeing, including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Such health information systems work with Indigenous communities and service providers to obtain information to better understand, inform and evaluate programs and policies, such as tobacco use. His program of research has also included strengths-based conversations about respectful relationships and preventing domestic violence.


Research interests

  • Tobacco use
  • Indigenous health and wellbeing
  • Population health
  • Evaluation


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