Dr Tinh (Jimmy) Doan

PhD Ec
Research Fellow


Tinh (Jimmy) Doan has a background in Applied Economics. He received his PhD in Economics from the Waikato University, New Zealand in 2011. His PhD thesis focuses on impact of microfinance on human capital formation for the poor in peri-urban areas.

Prior to joining ANU, he has worked for governmental departments in New Zealand. At Ministry of Social Development, he worked as a senior analyst, focusing on business planning, business intelligence, business performance framework development, business performance reporting and monitoring, data mining, modelling and conducting data analyses on social welfare and other social issues, labour market and economic analysis. He was a member of Waikato Regional Executive team. At Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in Wellington, he worked as a research analyst for Research, Evaluation and Analysis team. He had worked with very large and complex datasets from the Longitudinal Business Database/Integrated Database Infrastructure developed by Statistics New Zealand to look at NZ firm performance, productivity, FDI, and competition. Key projects were NZ firm competition, productivity, firm internationalization (FDI, export, import) and R&D. He also worked on sector performance, R&D and tax incentive.

Apart from public sector roles, he was also a Research Associate at the University of Waikato where he had joined research with the university colleagues and supervised PhD students. In addition, he has been a fellow and advisor for the Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

His key research interests include economics of education, human capital, labour market, productivity, social welfare,population health, working and well-being, and other economic development issues.

At ANU, Dr Doan's research focuses on time uses, gender inequality, health behaviour and health outcomes. His current projects are on time uses, time constraint, gender time inequality and their effects on health and wealth in the short and long terms. He also works with RMIT, Master Builder Associations NSW on a project for Construction young workers' WHS, and works for a joint project with Monash University, KPMG and Commonwealth Department of Health on impact of Covid19 on mental health, and a project on Tackling Indigenous Smoking.

More information about Dr Doan's research at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Tinh-Doan/research



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