Dr Tsheten Tsheten

B.Sc., MPH, PhD.
Research Fellow


Tsheten is interested in understanding the determinants of health by applying spatial and statistical modeling to develop evidence-based public health policies. Tsheten was involved in various projects in the past four years at NCEPH including the understanding of the epidemiology of dengue in Bhutan, soil-transmitted helminths in the Philippines, and the impact of COVID-19 on other disease control. In the next three years, Tsheten will be contributing to the development of collaboratory advances in research design and data analysis across the whole of NCEPH. Tsheten will also be convening an introductory course for biostatistics in the MPH program and engaging in ongoing research projects such as telehealth in primary care and neglected tropical disease control.


  • Prof. Dan Chateau


Research interests

  •  Geospatial analysis
  •  Remote sensing
  •  Statistical modeling
  • Infectious diseases



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