Foodborne Diseases


We identify risk factors, sources, and the burden of disease due to foodborne pathogens to safeguard our food supply and improve disease surveillance.



Contact phone:+61 2 6125 5609


Other members


Microbiological Diagnostic Unit, University of Melbourne

  • Professor Ben Howden

  • Dr Deborah Williamson

  • Dr Mary Valcanis

  • Dr Dieter Bulach

Westmead Institute for Medical Research

  • Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko

Queensland Scientific Services

  • Mr John Bates

  • Dr Amy Jennison

Massey University

  • Professor Nigel French

  • COMPARE—tracking foodborne and zoonotic disease through Europe using next generation sequencing

  • FERG—Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Reference Group an advisory body of the World Health Organization

  • OzFoodNet—Australian network for enhanced surveillance of foodborne diseases