ACT Asbestos Health Study II: Linked Data Project

Linked data for better health
This project is an update to the Data Linkage component of the ACT Asbestos Health Study initially conducted in 2015. It aims to estimate the relative rates of mesothelioma and other cancers in relation to having lived in a Mr Fluffy house in the ACT. The project will involve linkages between the Medicare Enrolment File to an address register of Mr Fluffy houses, the Australian Cancer Database and the National Death Index. The original project included data over the period 1983-2013. In this update, we will include all data up to 2020 (or later if available).
The primary aim of the study is to examine whether mesothelioma and other cancers potentially associated with asbestos exposure are more common among people who had lived in a Mr Fluffy house than among people who had never lived in a Mr Fluffy house in the ACT. The study will also examine other cancers for which there is no known evidence of association to asbestos exposure. Results from the study will be available by mid-2024.

Frequently asked questions

ACT Asbestos Health Study II: Linked Data Project FAQs February 2023 (PDF 536KB)


The project is funded by the ACT Government.


ACT Asbestos Health Study II: Linked Data Project is overseen by a Steering Committee comprising of:
  • Dr Jane Redfern—Executive Branch Manager, CHMR, ACT Health Directorate
  • Professor Rosemary Korda—Principal Investigator, NCEPH, ANU
  • Professor Martyn Kirk—Investigator, NCEPH, ANU
  • Ms Kathryn Looke—Senior Director Loose Fill Asbestos Coordination, Environmental Planning and Sustainability Development Directorate
  • Dr Vanessa Johnston—Public Health Medical Officers, ACT Health Directorate
  • Mr Andrew Stedman—Environmental Health, ACT Health Directorate
  • Ms Mirka Smith—Epidemiology, ACT Health Directorate
  • Professor Tim Driscoll—Expert Advisor
  • Dr Suezanne Packer—Community Representative