Bushfire Health Survey

Canberra smoke haze

Effects of bushfire smoke on health and wellbeing of the ACT and surrounding community

This study will assess the effects of prolonged bushfire smoke exposure on the physical health, mental health and lifestyle factors of residents of the ACT region. It will collect a snapshot of the current mental health status of the community. It will also explore the factors that influence behaviour change in response to hazardous levels of bushfire smoke-related air pollution. This study also aims to capture a mental health snapshot of the ACT community.

The findings of this study will be used to inform policy makers, health professionals, and the research community and influence how health information and resources are made available to the public in future events. In particular, it will identify parts of the community that are risk of the direct and indirect physical and psychological health effects of bushfire related air pollution, and the mechanisms which can be used to best reach them.

All university staff will be working remotely until 27 July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to contact the study team please use the email address listed for the study.

The survey has now closed, but you can read the participant information sheet .