The tools below are derived from the European Service Mapping Schedule and related to the ESMS system for international classification of care provision.

ESMS (European Service Mapping Schedule), the brief version (ESMS-b) and the extended Revised version (ESMS-R) for the assessment of adult mental health care.

DESDE (Description and Evaluation of Services and DirectoriEs).

Apart from mental health it has been used for the classification of services for Disabilities (DESDE), ageing (DESDAE), Long Term care (DESDE-LTC), automated evaluation of social services in Andalucia (Spain) (DESDE-AND). It has also been used for mapping Drug and Alcohol Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Chronic care and care for homeless.

SUS (Service Utilization Sheet) 

CMHS (Community Mental Health Services provision) 

ECM-Q (European Child and Adolescent Mental Health Mapping Questionnaire)

MHSI (Mental Health Service Inventory)

Glossary of terms REFINEMENT EU project

Glossary of terms PSCICOST