Evidence-based Mental Health Care Planning


Virtual “workshop” on “Advances of healthcare ecosystem research for evidence-informed mental health planning” (presented at APIC2 – 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Care Melbourne, 2019): ANU, University of Sydney, Loyola University Andalucia, ConNetica. 

Use of the new paradigm of healthcare ecosystem research in mental health planning. Luis Salvador Carulla, Carlos Garcia-alonso, Jose albero Salinas, Nerea Almeda and Mary Anne Furst. CMHR, ANU, Loyola University Andalucia

A Tale of Four Cities: Analysis of mental health services across four metropolitan Australian cities using the Integrated Atlas of Mental Health John Mendoza, ConNetica

Implementation of a comprehensive systems of integrated mental health service delivery in urban areas. Lessons learned from the Inner Sydney Urban Partnership for Health and Well-Being. Peter McGeorge. Universities of NSW and Notre Dame

Regional planning and the Implementation of Integrated Mental Health Care: the experience of Partners in Recovery. James Gillespie. Menzies Centre for Health Policy, University of Sydney

An international comparative analysis of the mental health care delivery system in remote areas: the Kimberley (Australia), Nunavik (Canada) and Lapland (Finland). Jose Alberto Salinas. University Loyola Andalucia and CMHR, ANU.

Modelling mental healthcare improvement in highly integrated care systems: the case of the Basque Country (Spain) Carlos Garcia-Alonso Universidad Loyola Andalucia (Spain)

Conceptual Frameworks and Models

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