LifeSpan: Integrated Suicide Prevention

Led by the Black Dog Institute, the LifeSpan project is an innovative, world-class approach to suicide prevention and is the new name for the Systems Approach to Suicide Prevention initially developed on behalf of the NSW Mental Health Commission by the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP) and Black Dog Institute. Development involved extensive collaboration and input from partners across the sector and lived experience representatives. LifeSpan involves the implementation of nine evidence-based strategies from population level to the individual, implemented simultaneously within a localised region. For successful delivery, all strategies require a thorough consultation and review process to ensure their relevance and tailoring to the local context and community. ANU is partnering with the Black Dog Institute on the evaluation of the program.


Paul Konings

Black Dog Institute

Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention

Funded by the Paul Ramsay Foundation