The Magic Glasses Research Programme

The 'magic glasses' is a novel and engaging cartoon-based health education intervention for the prevention of intestinal worms (Soil-transmitted Helminths (STH)) in Chinese schoolchildren. It is comprised of the 12-minute Magic glasses cartoon video accompanied by classroom discussions, drawing and essay competitions and a pamphlet (derived from the cartoon) containing relevant messages on the transmission and prevention of STH.

We now have an expanded research program with a major collaborative team that includes researchers from Australia, Switzerland, China and the Philippines. The expanded Magic Glasses Research Programme for the Global Control of Intestinal Worms aims to evaluate the potential for up-scaling the 'magic glasses' as a universal school-focused educational tool forming part of multi-component sustainable integrated STH control programs.

We will determine if the 'magic glasses' is effective in preventing STH infection in an environment with a high force of infection and diverse ethnicities such as Yunnan Province China – Magic Glasses II – as a prelude to up-scaling to a national control program in China. 

We will culturally adapt the cartoon to the Filipino context such that it can be evaluated in the Philippines – Magic Glasses: Philippines – to see the translatability across Asia. And, determine the cost-effectiveness.



Australian National University

  • A/Prof Darren Gray
  • Prof Archie Clements
  • Dr Franziska Bieri
  • Dr Eindra Aung
  • Dr Dongxu Wang
  • Mr Andrew Bedford

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

  • Prof Don McManus
  • Prof Li Yuesheng
  • Dr Catherine Gordon

University of Queensland

  • Prof Gail Williams
  • Dr Ricardo Soares Magalhaes

Queensland University of Technology

  • Dr Kate Halton

Griffith University

  • Prof Don Stewart


Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

  • Dr Peter Steinmann
  • Dr Giovanna Raso
  • Dr Peiling Yap


Yunnan Institute of Parasitic Diseases

  • Prof Yang Henglin
  • Dr Du Zun-Wei 

Hunan Institute of Parasitic Diseases

  • Dr Yuan Liping
  • Prof He Yongkang

National Institute of Parasitic Diseases

  • Prof Zhou Xiao-Nong


Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

  • Prof Remigio Olveda
  • Dr Veronica Tallo
  • Ms Portia Alday
  • Dr Mark Donald Renosa
  • Ms Mary Lorraine Mationg
  • Ms Chona Mae Daga

Funding partners

UBS-Optimus Foundation, Switzerland

National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia