The Y-Worri project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the e-couch Anxiety and Worry module in preventing anxiety and increasing resilience skills in young people aged 14-17 years.  This project is conducted in association with headspace and is funded by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation, headspace and the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

The aims of Y-Worri are:

  • to assess the utility of two methods of implementing an anxiety prevention program in schools. This will help to identify the most effective dissemination method to increase the implementation of mental health prevention programs in schools.
  • to evaluate the acceptability and effectiveness of the Internet-based e-couch Anxiety and Worry program in reducing and preventing symptoms of anxiety in an adolescent school-based population relative to usual classes.
  • to ascertain the effect of the e-couch Anxiety and Worry program on depressive symptoms, mental well-being, mental health literacy, anxiety stigma, days out of role (disability) and help-seeking behaviour, attitudes and intentions.