Baume HDR Travel Grant – Trip Report by Dani Cribb

31 July 2023

By Dani Cribb

I had the privilege of attending the Communicable Diseases and Immunisation Conference, held in Perth from the 19th to the 21st of June. Thanks to the support of the Baume Travel Grant, I was able to join a diverse group of professionals and experts in public health in sharing research insights. The conference revolved around the theme of adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape for infectious disease prevention and control.

Throughout the Conference, there was a strong emphasis on exploring the shifting epidemiology of infectious diseases, unveiling novel developments in vaccine and immunisation approaches, and identification and mitigation of drivers and determinants of disease. There was a strong commitment to incorporating Indigenous perspectives into research and policy, starting from the very conception and design stages. A significant highlight of the Conference was the discussion surrounding the creation of the Australian Centre for Disease Control, which promises to revolutionise disease control efforts in the country by centralising resources, expertise, and collaboration.

I had the privilege of delivering two oral presentations on different aspects of my PhD research. The first was on genomics and severity markers for campylobacteriosis and the second was presented the findings from a study on the relationship between enteric pathogens and severe acute malnutrition in children in Timor-Leste. The audience was highly engaged and asked important questions that were of relevance to the follow-up study currently being conducted. I also had the opportunity to connect and engage with fellow public health professionals, including linking up with colleagues from the AusPathoGen Program based in Queensland and Victoria and other current or recent PhD candidates. There were also some excellent presentations from colleagues from NCEPH, particularly on health research in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am very thankful to NCEPH and the Scholarships Committee for supporting my attendance at CDIC 2023 and allowing me to engage with high-quality presentations and leading experts in public health.

Dani Cribb, PhD student and recipient of the Baume Travel Grant, presenting at the Communicable Diseases and Immunisation Conference 2023.