July report for Integration and Implementation Sciences

1 July 2020

Good News

Gabriele Bammer co-authored a comment entitled ‘Five ways to ensure that models serve society: A manifesto’ which appeared in Nature.

Keynote and invited presentations

Gabriele Bammer gave the keynote scene-setting presentation at a NITRO-Oceania online workshop “Communicating in stories – strengthening this core ID/TD skill” held on June 17.

Outreach and engagement

In June the i2Insights blog curated by Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane published blog posts about guiding collaborative conversations, practical mapping to foster interdisciplinarity, creating caring online workshops , a framework for joint problem framing and HIBAR (Highly Integrative Basic And Responsive) research.

Gabriele Bammer and Peter Deane produced the May/June i2S News (https://i2s.anu.edu.au/what-i2s/i2s-publications/i2s-news), which features three stakeholder engagement tools, a video on making social change more effective, Policy and Politics journal, Evidence and Policy blog, UK Systems Society, plus the i2S webpage list of conferences. These have all recently been added as resources to the Integration and Implementation Sciences website (https://i2s.anu.edu.au/resources).

Papers published:

Saltelli, A., Bammer, G., Bruno, I., Charters, E., Di Fiore, M., Didier, E., Espeland, W.N., Kay, J., Lo Piano, S., Mayo, D., Pielke Jr, R., Portaluri, T., Porter, T.M., Puy, A., Rafols, I., Ravetz, J.R., Reinert, E., Sarewitz, D., Stark, P.B., Stirling, A., van der Sluijs, J., Vineis, P. 2020 ‘Five ways to ensure that models serve society: A manifesto’ Nature 582 (7813, 25 June) 482-484; https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-01812-9