NCEPH publication tops Medical Journal of Australia’s most-read list

25 March 2024

A publication led by Dr Anne Parkinson from the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH) has been recognised as one of the most widely read papers in the peer-reviewed journal Medical Journal of Australia (MJA).

Published in 2022, the paper explores the impact of COVID-19 on chronic disease management, an issue of critical importance given the leading role chronic disease plays in causing illness, disability, and death in Australia.

The paper underscores the pressing need for advancing telehealth services, enhancing self-management support, providing proactive care for at-risk patients, fostering community partnerships, and reforming funding models to better support chronic disease management.

“As COVID-19 becomes a condition that may have long term effects and is predominantly managed in community settings, ongoing research is needed to identify and test effective solutions to these challenges,” notes the paper.

“I am really excited to have received this recognition from the Medical Journal of Australia,” remarks Dr Parkinson. A sociologist and health services researcher at NCEPH’s Department of Health Economics Wellbeing and Society (DHEWS), Dr Parkinson is deeply committed to improving healthcare systems and social policies.

During the COVID pandemic in 2022, Dr Parkinson worked with Prof Michael Kidd, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer, and his team at the Department of Health to reflect on what Australian primary care can learn from the experiences of other countries.

Ranked within MJA’s top 10% of downloaded papers in 2022, the paper has yielded over 1600 full-text views, drawing attention from and driving actions by academics, healthcare providers and policymakers.

“This is a great example of collaboration between academic researchers and government departments to create research that is fit for policy needs.” Associate Professor Liana Leach, Co-head of DHEWS, comments.


Learn more about the paper at this site.