Dr Anne Parkinson

Research Fellow


Dr Anne Parkinson is a sociologist and has worked at ANU since mid-2012, first with the Australian Primary Health Care Institute (APHCRI) until its closure in 2015 and later with the Department of Health Services Research and Policy (DHSR&P), which is part of the ANU's Research School of Population Health (RSPH). She also completed a six-month part time placement working as a Policy and Research Officer for the Consumers Health Forum of Australia in 2016 to broaden her experience.

Anne is currently working within the ANU's multidisciplinary Our Health in Our Hands (OHIOH) project as a member of the Health Experience Team. OHIOH aims to investigate and demonstrate how personalised medicine can address major global health challenges focussing on type-I diabetes (T1D) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Central to the project is embedding the perspectives and experiences of people living with T1D and MS, including their families and carers, from research inception to implementation across every level of the project facilitated by the Health Experience Team, which was formed for this purpose.



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