Dr Elisabeth Huynh

PhD in Economics (Econometrics), USYD; B.Com, USYD


Dr Elisabeth Huynh's broad research interests are in health economics, focusing on understanding preferences, choice and behaviour of key decision makers in the health sector for medical interventions and economic evaluations.

Dr Huynh received her PhD in Economics (Econometrics) and B.Com majoring in Econometrics at the University of Sydney. Her research focuses on methodological and applied economics research predominantly in understanding and modelling discrete choice, preferences and behaviour of key decision makers in the health sector and other areas of public policy. Elisabeth's research has engaged with international industry and government bodies in medical decision-making and policy on a broad range of topics. Substantive areas of interest include valuing quality of life and end-of-life decision making; health services research; ageing; health and development; and the labour markets of health care professionals, including participation decisions of patient and health service providers.



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Wambrauw,Monita Yessy Beatrick, PhD Candidate. Investigation route choice behaviour of commuters using bridge linking isolated islands in Indonesia (UniSA)

MpunduKaambwa,Christine, PhD Candidate. Measuring and valuing health related quality of life for children and adolescents with neurological disabilities: the case of cerebral palsy. (UniSA)

Johnson,Brittany Jayne, PhD Candidate. Equipping parents to reduce their children's intake of unhealthy foods (Flinders University)