Dr Matthew Kelly

B Asian Studies (Thai), PhD (Population Health)


After completing a Bachelor of Asian Studies (majoring in Thai language) Matthew commenced work as a Research Assistant on the Thai Health-Risk Transition Project at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU. He worked in this role until 2015, while also completing his PhD. His PhD research addressed food environment, particularly food retailing, effects on nutrition and health in Thailand. In 2015 he began work on the DFAT funded project ‘Building capacity for evidence based health development in Indonesia’. This project is expanding his research into health information systems while maintaining his Southeast Asian research focus.


Research interests

Dr Kelly’s research is broadly based around health, epidemiological and demographic transitions in Southeast Asia. Of particular interest is the nutrition transition in the region towards diets high in sugars, fat and processed foods and associated rises in obesity and diet-related disease. His research has examined the drivers of such a transition underway in Thailand, particularly upstream food environment drivers. Other health transition factors which have featured in his research include injury and occupational health. More recently his research interests have expanded to include changing patterns of mortality in Southeast Asia and the health information systems which inform analyses of these changes.


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