The Centre of Epidemiology for Policy and Practice (CEPP) aims to improve health and health services through excellence in population health research, implementation and education.

Research teams within the Centre deliver education and conduct research in partnership with community, policymakers and practitioners, to build capacity and answer questions of public health importance.

Centre members have interests and expertise in research spanning large-scale data analysis, biostatistics, mathematical modelling, public health, health services research and implementation, which have had substantial impacts on policy and practice. A key contributor to this is conscious, concerted and scholarly emphasis on systems and strategies to work effectively with end-users, support intellectual exchange and ensure that the evidence generated covers what is required and is integrated effectively to inform policy, practice and future research. 

The CEPP has five major research programs:

  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology. Lead: Professor Emily Banks
  • Humanitarian Health Research Initiative. Lead: Professor Kamalini Lokuge
  • Infectious Diseases and Modelling. Lead: Professor Kathryn Glass
  • Linked Data for Better Health. Lead: Professor Rosemary Korda
  • Statistical Methods in Large Scale Epidemiology. Lead: Associate Professor Grace Joshy

CEPP members contribute to population health education both within and beyond ANU, including convening the Fundamentals of Epidemiology and Population Health Honours, and delivering courses for policy agencies, such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Professor Kathryn Glass is the Associate Director of Education at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health.

CEPP recognises the importance of multidisciplinary teams, including academic and professional staff at all levels, in research innovation. Professional staff with expertise in research, data and business management, ethics, knowledge exchange and knowledge synthesis work alongside academic staff to generate knowledge and translate it into action.

CEPP is led by Professor Emily Banks AM FAHMS, a public health physician and epidemiologist.