Project Status
ACT Asbestos Health Study II: Linked Data Project Current
ANU Telehealth in Primary Care Study Current
Australian Pathogen Genomics Program: evaluation and cost-effectiveness of pathogen genomics Current
Building resilience against COVID-19 in Australia Current
Chronic disease and healthy ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including tobacco Current
Cryptosporidiosis in Australia Current
CVD risk, prevention and implementation Current
Dust storms, drought and spatio-temporal patterns in respiratory mortality Current
Empowering reproductive decisions and services through community engagement (Sierra Leone) Current
Environmental change and the spread of diseases from animals to humans Current
Estimating the global risk of the emergence, transmission, and spread of novel diseases Current
Health impacts of electronic cigarettes Current
Latitudinal gradients in disease Current
Mathematical modelling of Clostridium difficile Current
Mathematical modelling of respiratory pathogens Current
Optimal design of surveillance of vector-borne diseases Current
PFAS Health Study Current
Pharmacoepidemiology and chronic disease Current
Planning for an influenza pandemic and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic Current
Safe Delivery Program Current
Smoking among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: health impacts, associated factors, and trends over time Current
Smoking and health: large scale data on important outcomes Current
Sources and transmission zoonotic enteric pathogens: A One Health approach to the analysis of exposure and genomic data Current
Spatio-temporal modelling of infections associated with antibiotic use (e.g MRSA, Clostridium difficile) Current
Surveillance and modelling of diseases at low prevalence Current
Understanding socio-demographic cohorts in the COVID-19 Vaccines Strategy Current
Understanding the sources of Campylobacter in Australia Current
Variation in CVD risk, incidence, care and outcomes Current
Variation in fatal burden of disease, preventive CVD care and end-of-life care Current
ACT Asbestos Health Study Completed
Assessing the risk of Salmonella associated with importation of beef Completed
Cancer survivorship: large-scale data on person-centred outcomes Completed
Pre-school based intervention to address intimate partner violence and substance misuse (Sri Lanka) Completed
Quantifying Mortality Incorporating Multiple Causes of Death: Optimising Data for Policy and Practice Completed
Strengthening referral frameworks for survivors of gender-based violence (Papua New Guinea) Completed
Whole genome sequencing in Salmonella surveillance and control Completed
Whole-of-population linked data project Completed
Causal patterns in deaths from CVD in Australia Potential
Mathematical modelling of diseases at low prevalence Potential
Modelling spatial sampling strategies for eliminating infectious diseases Potential
Multiple causes of death and their contribution to population attributable fractions for smoking Potential
Quantifying cause-related mortality in Switzerland, incorporating multiple causes Potential