Student projects

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Projects Supervisors Research themes
Pharmacists provision of harm reduction service to people who use illicit drugs
Preventive therapy for tuberculosis among people with diabetes
Queuing and resource parity across groups
Risk factors and mortality in the Thai Cohort Study
Risk factors for malnutrition in resource-poor countries
Social engagement and workforce participation among cancer survivors
Social, cultural and health service determinants of adolescent family planning uptake in humanitarian crises
Socio-economic and life course determinants of healthy and productive ageing in Australia and China
Spatial analysis of risk factors for child stunting and wasting in Myanmar
Systematic review and meta analysis on loss to follow up during TB treatment
Systematic review examining people with chronic diseases' experiences of managing the out-of-pocket costs of healthcare and medicines
Systematic review of coproduction in research about people with chronic diseases
Systematic review of patient autonomy and preferences related to genomics
Systematic review on the role of social protection and TB
Systematic reviews and meta-analyses in travel medicine
The effect of contextual factors on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in Ethiopia
The impact of built and social environment characteristics on dementia risk
The Solomon Islands TB patient cost survey
The utility of the Non-Invasive Fetal ECG in predicting neonatal outcomes
Time series analysis of TB notifications in Australia and description of historical TB control policies
Understanding information needs about COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccination program among migrants in Australia
Use of telehealth by mental health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Wind, dust and transport of allergens/pathogens
Work intensity and health