Student projects

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Projects Supervisors Research themes
Measuring inequalities in mortality
Mental health measures (self-reliance)
Mental health of university students
Migrants and Health system literacy
Modelling spatial sampling strategies for eliminating infectious diseases
Multiple causes of death and their contribution to population attributable fractions for smoking
Nutrition in rural Bali and Central Java
Optimal design of surveillance of vector-borne diseases
Preferences of people with chronic disease and the trade-offs they are willing to make when deciding how to manage out-of-pocket health costs: a discrete choice experiment
Quantifying cause-related mortality in Switzerland, incorporating multiple causes
Risk factors and mortality in the Thai Cohort Study
Risk factors for malnutrition in resource-poor countries
Sleep quality rating and mental health
Social, cultural and health service determinants of adolescent family planning uptake in humanitarian crises
Socio-economic and employment aspects and physical exercise, and impact of physical activity on body weight
Stated preference methods for exploring health preference and decision making heterogeneity in complex health interventions and decisions
Stigma and help seeking in adolescents
Tackling Indigenous Smoking Study
The effect of goals on participation of exercise and nutrition programs
Understanding perceived information needs and information gathering capacity about cancer screening programs among migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds
Understanding the impact of linkage error and linkage quality on effect estimates
Use of telehealth by mental health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic
VisualSPEAK - visual communication of health messages
Work characteristics, major life events, shocks to health, sleep quality and mental health
Work intensity and health