Student projects

Find potential topics for your research degree. Supervision in other areas of research is also offered. To discuss research ideas please see our academic staff pages and contact potential supervisors directly.

Projects Supervisors Research themes
Exploring and understanding the process of consumer engagement in chronic disease research, and developing resources to support collaboration between researchers and people living with chronic disease
Health effects of Diabetes
Health impacts of tobacco
Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children
Identifying determinants of childhood primary health care coverage and uptake in humanitarian crises
Impact of ageing, health care seeking behaviour, and health disparity on wellbeing of elderly persons in Ethiopia
Impact of neighbourhood social fragmentation on mental health outcomes
Implementation of digital mental health programs in university and clinical settings
Implications of COVID-19 restrictions for climate change and environmental health
Lived experience research
Living with MS
Mathematical modelling of respiratory pathogens
Measuring inequalities in mortality for people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Medical students' attitudes to people who use drugs
Mental health measures (hopelessness)
Mental health measures (self-reliance)
Mental health modelling - Impact of Covid19 on psychological distress and mental health service use
Mental health of university students
Mental health policy
Mental health services research and evaluation
Models of care for patients with drug resistant TB - what works?
Multiple causes of death and their contribution to population attributable fractions
Multiple imputation algorithms for dealing with longitudinal panel data
Optimal design of surveillance of vector-borne diseases
Optimal stopping games with discounting of offers